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Microsoft Dynamics GP - Accounting and ERP Software Selection

Selecting or replacing accounting and ERP software is a big decision you should only have to make once. You can be confident Microsoft Dynamics GP is the right decision for your company now and as you grow. You can also be confident Business Ready Solutions is the partner to implement GP to best map to your business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive mid-level accounting and ERP solution that goes beyond basic business management and reporting to help your people work faster and smarter. It gives you the tools you need to make better business decisions in order to grow and increase revenue, and achieve more efficient, productive operations.

Why Microsoft Dynamics GP?

  • easy to implement
  • easy to use

Microsoft Dynamics GP connects the many moving parts of your organization, giving you better visibility into and control over what’s going on in your business.

  • Human resources and payroll management

    Take care of people and payroll with a system that supports both. Get the tools to keep your people happy by making sure everything from hiring to retiring runs smoothly.
  • Financial management

    Get a better handle on the numbers. Help contain costs, control compliance, and maintain crystal-clear visibility into your assets and cash flow.
  • Business intelligence and reporting

    Base decisions on intelligence, not on emergencies. Get relevant data and recommendations today regarding the best course of action for tomorrow.
  • Supply chain management

    Use your supply chain to spur growth. Sharpen your production and shipment schedules, help cut inventory costs, and give yourself room to grow.
  • Sales, service, and project management

    Put customers first. Help increase sales, control projects and processes, and get what you need to delight your customers through every step of their experience.

Pricing and Implementation Costs

Dynamics GP is more affordable than you may think and with Business Ready Solutions you will benefit from our rapid implementation methodology to get you up and running quickly. Unlike other implementation providers of Dynamics GP, you will benefit from the expertise and knowledge of a team that has proven project management expertise, deep business knowledge to ensure the software works for how you and your team work, and the technical understanding. Before you select a partner for a Dynamics GP implementation, make sure you are getting all three skills.
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Dynamics GP 2016

Dynamics GP 2016 R2 is the latest edition.
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How to Evaluate Accounting and ERP Software

Your company's accounting software is at the heart of its success. Your data and business information must be accurate, accessible, timely, and secure. Learn how to evaluate and implement the best solution for your business with advice from Business Ready Solutions.
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Why Business Ready Solutions to upgrade to Dynamics GP 2013?

  • Expertise - unique combination of business expertise and technical software knowledge; deep knowledge of critical business processes across industries;
  • Proven partner - many client examples across industries; over 100 software implementations
  • Pragmatic approach - rapid implementation methodology; focus on delivering ROI
  • Quality services that deliver peace of mind - responsive, 24 hour support; natural extension of your team.
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