"Business Ready Solutions provides excellent consulting services. They guided us through our initial implementation project, expansion into additional Dynamics modules, and upgrades – always on schedule and within budget. The Business Ready Solutions team provides guidance to both our accounting and information technology departments. They are a valued business partner of Murphy Family Ventures."

Hope Turnbull, CPA
Director of Accounting Murphy Family Ventures LLC – Wallace, NC

"I am very pleased with Business Ready Solutions’ services. They always respond quickly when we have problems."

Marion White, Controller,
Piedmont Investment Advisors, LLC – Durham, NC

"Because the Business Ready Solutions team has accountants and CPAs, they’re always on the same page with me, which makes a meaningful difference. Troubleshooting problems is far easier when the solutions team understands debits and credits. This knowledge gives me comfort in knowing that the outcome will be: problem solved!"

William Ostrander, Director of Finance & Controller,
KBI Biopharma – Durham, NC

"The customer service we receive from Business Ready Solutions is excellent. Everyone is very responsive and friendly, and team members are extremely knowledgeable about Microsoft Dynamics GP. They are clearly happy to help anytime we call with basic questions as well as out-of-the-ordinary problems."

John Griffin, Financial Controller,
SCYNEXIS – Research Triangle Park, NC

"Whenever we have a question or need to get something fixed, we turn to Business Ready Solutions for an answer. The company is very responsive, and when I send an email or leave a voicemail someone always gets right back to me. We really value our long-standing relationship with them."

Jane Gilpin, Controller,

"I don't know if there are a lot of 140-person companies like SCYNEXIS that do over $30M in revenue every year with one purchasing agent, one AP clerk, and an accounting manager. That's a pretty lean staff, and it's a big plus for us. Business Ready Solutions, together with Microsoft Dynamics GP, allows us to do that."

John Griffin, Financial Controller,
SCYNEXIS – Research Triangle Park, NC

"Microsoft Dynamics GP gives us enormously better use of human and financial resources. The knowledge we gain from Dynamics GP helps us better understand our revenue and expenses. We make much more informed decisions with Dynamics GP and save money"

Pam Verble, Accounts Payable,
Triangle Orthopaedic Associates – Durham, NC

"I don’t know if we would have gotten to a productive phase with Dynamics GP as quickly without Business Ready Solutions. Once we understood what Dynamics GP could and couldn’t do, we used the system much more effectively and efficiently. Business Ready Solutions really helped us understand the system better. They also helped us determine what support we needed for the entire year, what our relationship would be with their company, and what we wanted them to do for us."

Shelly Green, President & CEO,
Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau

"Our main goal for our business management system is that it serves us well operationally, and that the reports and information it produces help direct decisions in the field. Microsoft Dynamics GP accomplishes this for us. We use it to help drive the business and take the information it provides to look at it as many different ways as possible in order to make sound business decisions."

Kevin Johnson, CFO,
Carillon Assisted Living – Raleigh, NC

"I estimate Microsoft Dynamics GP saves us a blended salary rate of $60K per year and five days a month in time."

Kevin Johnson, CFO,
Carillon Assisted Living – Raleigh, NC

"If we were going to grow, we needed a financial management system that was more secure from an internal controls standpoint and could generate more sophisticated reporting than QuickBooks. Microsoft Dynamics GP has achieved that and more for us."

Kevin Johnson, CFO,
Carillon Assisted Living – Raleigh, NC

"Because of their background as accountants, Business Ready Solutions did a very nice job explaining how Microsoft Dynamics GP operates in relation to an accounting department's day to day responsibilities. Business Ready Solutions understood our end product and what we were trying to achieve. They spoke our language."

Kevin Johnson, CFO,
Carillon Assisted Living – Raleigh, NC

"In our business, everything is urgent and time-driven. We don't have the luxury of delaying revenue for local businesses and tax revenue for the community. One of the great things about Business Ready Solutions is they understand that, and when we have problems that prevent us from getting our job done, they are extremely responsive."

President & CEO,
Durham Convention & Visitors Center

"The fact that Business Ready Solutions' accountants and CPAs can look at software and business processes from the accounting side and understand what's happening behind the scenes and why, and what the information should ultimately look like from a financial reporting standpoint, is invaluable."

Hope Turnbull, CPA, Director of Accounting, Murphy Family Ventures LLC
Wallace, NC

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