Tips to Generate 1099s in Microsoft Dynamics

It is that time of the year again. Time to start thinking about generating 1099 forms and getting them processed. Many Dynamics GP users are aware that information produced from the canned 1099 Smartlist report (Purchasing → Vendors → 1099 Vendors*) in GP is not always accurate. This is due to that report being based on the PM00201 Vendor Master Summary table which can be inaccurate due to the timing of closing and transactions occurring near that cutoff.

Use Smartlist Builder:

A quick Smartlist can be created in Smartlist Builder to pull in all of your 1099 information with the period entered. Follow the steps below to generate accurate 1099s by creating this Smartlist.

Open up the tool by navigating to Tools → Smartlist Builder → Smartlist Builder.
Under Smartlist ID give the report an appropriate ID, this will only be seen in Smartlist Builder, in this example I have chosen the ID 1099SL.

Under Product: choose Microsoft Dynamics GP and Series: choose Purchasing.

For Smartlist Name type an appropriate name that will be seen in Smartlist when navigating the lists Note: This will automatically copy to the Item Name: field. In this case I have chosen 1099 Amounts by Period.

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Microsoft GP 1099 Generation 1

Now it is time to add in the table we will be using for this report.
In the Tables section click the + sign → Microsoft Dynamics GP Table.
This will bring up the Add Table Box. For Table you want to select: Purchasing 1099 Period Detail.
This will populate several items under Key Fields, at this point you can hit the Save button.

Microsoft GP 1099 Generation 2

Now you should see all the available columns from this table and each of them should have a checkmark under the display column. Under the default column you can checkmark which fields you would like to show up in this Smartlist by default when you go to run it. For this example I have checked all the fields as default since I would like to see them initially in my report.

Microsoft GP 1099 Generation 3

At this point you very well could be done, you could save the report and be able to pull it up and run in Smartlist. However there are two more optional steps you could take to improve the report.

Optional Modifications

The first modification I would like to go over is the 1099 Box Number. As you can see in the screenshot above there is a message Warning – No list items specified. This means that the values for all the different 1099 box values aren't contained in this smartlist, so we will need to add them.

To do so, under the Display Name Column highlight 1099 Box Number then click the blue arrow to the right of Display Name circled above.

This will bring up the Set Field Options box where you can define what the report will show for the various 1099 box type values. In this box you want to enter the 1099 Box information as shown below.

Microsoft GP 1099 Generation 4

Microsoft GP 1099 Generation 5

The second modification is regarding adding a restriction to the report so it does not return any lines that have a 1099 amount of zero.

To do this you want to hit the Restrictions button at the top of the main screen of Smartlist Builder. Then you press the + sign to add a restriction to the list, this will bring up the Add Restriction box.
For field you want to choose 1099 Amount, for Restriction: Is Greater Than, and for Value: 0.00

Microsoft GP 1099 Generation 6

Click the Save button and then Ok and this restriction will be added to the report to ensure that your report only returns information where there is a 1099 amount greater than zero.

Click the Save button and then Ok and this restriction will be added to the report to ensure that your report only returns information where there is a 1099 amount greater than zero.

Microsoft GP 1099 Generation 7

Click yes and a short maintenance will run to add the new information into Smartlist. You should now be able to see your Smartlist under the Purchasing reports. Good luck with processing those 1099s. Please call Business Ready Solutions at 877.433.0650 or Contact Us now for assistance.

Microsoft GP 1099 Generation 8

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